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The Cards

Season 2 puzzle cards out now!

84 devious puzzles ranging from the surprisingly simple to the devilishly difficult. Get them here!. Got them already?... Solve here.

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Season 2 Leaderboard

1. esu96kph 73760 GB
2. sheetal 73710 GB
3. ferret 73700 GB
4. AndyAndyO 73660 GB
5. Cabbage 73645 GB

Today's Daily Puzzle

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Ponturu 3908 (blue) Each day, we'll be selecting a new puzzle from our archive and putting it in the spotlight! Not only will it keep your brain on its toes, but we'll be introducing you to all the different puzzle genres available across We Love Puzzles! Play Now....

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  • Total cards solved: 951670
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